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The issue of eliminating harmful chemicals in textile and clothing production is becoming more and more relevant to us in recent times. There are more and more brands that, to respond to media campaigns as well as to a consumer increasingly aware of the importance of their choices, are providing reference documents for the definition of eco-toxicological limits and the consequent organizational requirements.
The stimulation of our customers has certainly pushed us to seek solutions to improve performance on the subject, finding on our side, consistently with the values ​​we believe, a specific sensitivity to environmental issues and a strong desire for growth and research of levels of ever increasing customer service.
Precisely because we believe we really want to achieve the goal, or do everything possible to achieve it in conditions of real sustainability (economic - environmental and social), we decided to build a structured and entrepreneurially valid path, able to demonstrate transparently how much realized. The project, in line with our strategic and business objectives, integrates the values ​​of sustainability and in particular the management of chemical substances in production, in our management choices, according to a protocol developed by our partner 4sustainability® ( ) in reference to the ZDHC Roadmaptozero.
We have therefore started the implementation of a Protocol for the reduction and elimination of chemical substances, which includes:

  1. The creation of our sustainability policy;
  2.  The adoption of a MRSL (Manufactoring Restricted Substances List) for the reduction of toxic and harmful chemicals;
  3.  the definition of a chemical inventory and the launch of a qualification phase of suppliers and products purchased; 
  4. the training of our staff involved;
  5.  the definition of an internal procedure of Chemical Management;
  6.  the integration of information and the definition of some methodologies that allow us to ensure transparency and traceability for our customers;
  7.  the implementation of a statistical sampling plan and control through risk-based testing;

We are available and interested in sharing our journey with all customers and interlocutors, convinced that the path we are putting in place is the response to the commitments required by the market. In any case, it will be essential to dialogue with reference to your contractual proposals and to verify together the requisite requirements, with a view to jointly undertaking a transparent and concrete improvement process.


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